Great for storing a small amount of personal items,tools,sporting equipment,seasonal stuff or business records.

​What size do you need?​

Large Storage Units

8X20, 10X20, 10X15

Small storage Units

4X5, 5X5, 5X6

Fireproof Safes- You set your own combination. Safeguard all your valuables, negatives,papers, electronic media etc.

Medium Storage Units.

5X8, ​5X10, 8X8, 8X10,10X10 

8X20 or10X15 unit should store a two bedroom home or apartment excluding appliances. Also another great size for storing larger commercial inventory items.

10X20 unit will handle items from a typical three bedroom home excluding major appliances. Roughly the size of a single car garage.

​​Can handle a lot more personal items and larger sporting equipment items. Great for storing Commercial inventory.

5X8, 5X10, 8X8 or 8X10 unit will fit a typical bachelor suite or tools and garage  items.

10X10 unit will store everything from a typical one bedroom home excluding major appliances.